Disney has some major plans for Fox — here's what we learned at CinemaCon

Dark Phoenix Fox

  • Following the official absorption of 20th Century Fox into
    Disney last month, Disney came to CinemaCon on Wednesday and showed
    just how much Fox will be a part of its theatrical slate.
  • Turns out, it will play a big part — so big that there will
    have to be release-date changes so Fox and Disney movies don’t go
    up against one another on the same weekends.
  • Business Insider is at CinemaCon. We’re breaking down
    everything Disney revealed in its presentation to theater

The big question going into this year’s CinemaCon, the annual
movie theater convention currently taking place in Las Vegas, was
how much of Disney’s presentation would be about Fox?

Disney head Bob Iger has said publicly that some of the
recognizable IPs that Fox possesses would continue, but would just
the big blockbusters make the cut? Turns out that’s a big NO.

On Wednesday, Disney and Fox executives took the stage to
present the upcoming slate of Disney titles for 2019 and there is a
wide range of features from Fox that will fill up that slate. In
fact, the release schedule is so full for Disney since the deal to
acquire 20th Century Fox (which also includes its independent film
shingle, Fox Searchlight) became final, there will likely be
release-date changes coming to some titles.

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One of the most eye-popping moments of the presentation was when
Disney’s executive VP of theatrical distribution, Cathleen Taff,
showed a graphic of the Disney slate for this year (which includes
“Avengers: Endgame,” “Aladdin,” and “The Lion King”), and then that
graphic changed to include the Fox titles (“Dark Phoenix,”
“Stuber,” “The New Mutants,” “Ad Astra”). It’s a lineup that should
have every executive in the other studios shaking in their

One industry executive told Business Insider at CinemaCon that
basically Disney now dominates the release schedule and all the
other studios have to fight over the scraps.

“I’m still just trying to get my mind around this,” Disney
chairman Alan Horn told the audience following a sizzle reel that
opened the presentation, which showcased past hits from both Disney
and Fox, with the message being “one vision.”

deadpoolHorn also made it
clear to the audience made up of exhibitors from around the globe
that theatrical is still “the cornerstone” of Disney going

Fox’s vice chairman, Emma Watts, took the stage and along with
showing footage from coming releases “Dark Phoenix” and the drama
“Ford v. Ferrari” — starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale about
Ford Motor Company’s quest to build a car that could beat Ferrari
at the Le Mans in 1966 — said that franchises like “Kingsman,”
“Alien,” and “Planet of the Apes” will continue to get made. And
yes, more “Deadpool,” too.

“With the vast resources of the Walt Disney Studio behind us we
are ready to write our next great chapter,” Watts told the

It seems very clear that Disney has no plans to shelve Fox or
push it to its Disney+ streaming service. The studio is looking to
increase its dominance in the theatrical space even more than it
already has.

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Disney has some major plans for Fox — here's what we learned at CinemaCon