Get a taste of mischievous 'Beetlejuice' musical with 'Beautiful Sound' video


Fans of the classic Tim Burton movie Beetlejuice likely remember that the mischief really gets going when Beetlejuice and Depressed Teen All Star Lydia team up together to reclaim her house and deliver scares.

In the new musical version, which opened in April and was nominated for eight Tonys, including Best New Musical last month, the exciting moment provides an opportunity for a big stage moment in the number “Beautiful Sound,” full of moving pieces, color, and, um, tons of Beetlejuice clones?!

“’Beautiful Sound’ is also one of our biggest instances of real dance in the show and features a vocabulary that is an extension of Beetlejuice’s spirit,” choreographer Connor Gallagher told Mashable via email. “Like Beetlejuice himself, the goal was to make it feel joyous, dangerous, and chaotic. The clones twist, flip, dive, and jump on nearly every inch of the house until they’re missing limbs, and they drop to the floor with celebratory exhaustion. These are characters who will stop at nothing to entertain each other and to have a good time.” Read more…

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Source: mashable
Get a taste of mischievous 'Beetlejuice' musical with 'Beautiful Sound' video