Is The UK Due Another Heatwave In 2019? Experts Predict Things May Be About To Change

Oh my days where has summer gone? Compared to last year, 2019
has been a bit of a wash out. Instead of booty shorts it’s been
jumpers and umbrellas. Instead of feeling guilty about watching
Love Island, it’s kind of been a necessary activity to fill one’s
rainy evenings. Yes summer seemed to kick the bucket by the end of
July. Which is super devastating for your average stay-cation-er.
However, guys, worry thee not, because
the UK might be due another heatwave
, according to new

I know right? This is some game-changing news. Imagine, a world
where your summer wardrobe got the recognition it deserved? Where
you could actually make use of all that suncream you bulk bought on
offer in Boots?

Well, according to former BBC weatherman John Hammond, via the
Mirror, we shouldn’t be
letting go of out on summery dreams just yet.
As Hammond told
the publication:

“If hot weather’s your thing, don’t give up. The
weather will begin to settle down as high pressure builds from the
south, opening the door to drier and warmer.”

So, what’s causing this welcome change? Well, it appears to be
all down to a superstorm that is making its way from Asia to
Europe, as expert meteorologist and Channel 4 weatherman Liam
Dutton explained
on his Twitter account
. The superstorm from Asian is moving
towards Europe super fast and seemingly it will mean an end to this
soggy summer.

In the video, which Dutton posted along with the caption, “A
look at how a typhoon over Asia may bring summer weather back to
the UK in around 10 days”, he said all hope is not lost.

Seemingly, tropical storm Krosa is spinning around the North
West Pacific Ocean as we speak. Dutton’s video explained that,
although the storm began as a tropical typhoon, it has
now weakened to a tropical storm.
It is due to roll over Japan
and then Russia. However, en route, it will give the jet stream a
bit of a nudge, which is potential good news for sun worshippers
round these parts. This is because, if the jet stream moves north
of the UK, we will experience high pressure instead of low
pressure. And high pressure will mean sunnier, more settled
weather. In other words, you can sling your waterproofs back in the
wardrobe (hopefully).

With all of this super unpredictable and strange weather we’ve
been experiencing, it would be lovely to have a weekend where you
can actually get outside and enjoy the sunshine. However, the fact
of the matter is, this weather
may not a great sign in terms of the ravages of climate

As Bustle
has previously reported
, the Met Office predicted in n their UK
Climate Projections 2018 (UKCP18) that “by
the end of the 21st century
, all areas of the UK are projected
to be warmer, more so in summer than in winter.” They also stated
that “hot summers are expected to become more common. In the recent
past (1981- 2000) the chance of seeing a summer as hot as 2018 was
low (<10%). The chance has already increased due to climate
change and is now between 10-25%. With future warming, hot summers
by mid-century could become even more common, near to 50%.”

Source: FS – All – Entertainment – News 2
Is The UK Due Another Heatwave In 2019? Experts Predict Things May Be About To Change