Jovan Adepo on Overlord, fanboy racism and Denzel Washington

The British-born star of Fences, Sorry For Your Loss and JJ Abrams’s blockbuster about US troops fighting Nazis – and zombies – on how Viola Davis helped him to the top

Jovan Adepo winces. Yes, his first film role was as Denzel Washington’s troubled young son in Fences, the Oscar-winning adaptation of August Wilson’s drama. His second was in Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! and his third is the lead in JJ Abrams’s new horror blockbuster, Overlord. In between he has done some pretty top-drawer TV (HBO’s The Leftovers, Facebook’s Sorry For Your Loss). But don’t suggest to him that such success is instant – or even premature.

“I’ve heard people say that,” Adepo smiles over an underlying grumble, on a brisk afternoon at a New York cafe. “When you do award runs, people ask: ‘Isn’t this daunting? Starting up top?’ It could be kind of a shock, I get it. But that sucks. Everyone’s got their moments of good work coming in, sure, but who wants to hear it put like that? Like, ‘Thanks, guess it’s all downhill from here.’”

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Source: theguardian
Jovan Adepo on Overlord, fanboy racism and Denzel Washington