Spotify Lite Is Now Available on Android

Spotify has released Spotify Lite, a lightweight version of the Spotify app. Lite is designed for people who own an older handset, suffer from a lack of storage, or are stuck with an underwhelming data plan. Spotify Lite fixes all of these things.

What Is Spotify Lite?

On the Spotify Newsroom, Lite is described as “a small, fast, and simplified version” of its app. You’ll still be able to do (almost) everything you can with the regular app. However, there are “a few extra features making it ideal for older devices and operating systems.”

In a nutshell, Spotify Lite puts you more in control of your data and storage. It only weighs in at 10MB (instead of the usual 100MB). It also lets you set a data limit (and get a notification when you reach it), and lets you clear the cache with a single tap.

Kalle Persson, Senior Product Manager, said, “Spotify Lite was built from the ground up based on user feedback from around the world, allowing millions more to enjoy the world’s best music experience—especially in areas with limited bandwidth and phone storage.”

Spotify Lite is available on Android (v4.3 or higher) in 36 countries across Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. The countries include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Egypt, India, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Vietnam.

Download: Spotify Lite for Android

The Best Lite Apps on Android

There’s no need to download Spotify Lite if your phone is already running the main Spotify app without any issues. Still, for those who are stuck using an old phone or who don’t have unlimited data to play with, Spotify Lite could be a Godsend.

Spotify is actually rather late to the party here, with other companies having already launched Lite versions of their apps. Here are the best Lite Android apps you can use, including Facebook Lite, Skype Lite, Twitter Lite, and Shazam Lite.

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Spotify Lite Is Now Available on Android