Stuber review – Uber-set action-comedy gets stuck in first gear

Incapacitated cop Dave Bautista forces timid Kumail Nanjiani to help him take down the bad guys in this lame LA-set caper

Stuber is a buddy action-comedy in which Kumail Nanjiani plays a sporting-goods store worker and part-time Uber driver called Stu – thus reprising in lamer form the comedian and part-time Uber driver he gave us in his 2017 movie The Big Sick. Opposite him, Dave Bautista rolls out a broad Mr Magoo turn as Vic, the tough cop rendered almost blind by that morning’s laser eye surgery who must respond to a crime emergency but hilariously can’t drive, and so commandeers wussy Stu in his Uber, riding shotgun in the nerdy beta-male electric car.

Vic forms an odd-couple partnership with his timid new civilian partner as they barrel around LA aiming to take down the bad guys. Canadian-born Michael Dowse directs, working from what was originally a spec script from screenwriter Tripper Clancy. It could have been worse: there are a few nice lines as Stu worries about the fact that his car is a “lease” and nerves himself up to make acidly satirical remarks attacking macho Vic’s cluelessness about the modern world and his emotional illiteracy.

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Source: theguardian
Stuber review – Uber-set action-comedy gets stuck in first gear