Teen media startup Brat is integrating talent into custom video ads (GOOGL)

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Teen-focused media startup Brat is now developing custom video
ads featuring talent from its own shows, per Business Insider.
Founded in 2017, Brat has developed a popular crop of TV series
aimed at a teen audience and produced mainly for YouTube, such as
,” which has about 15 million viewers on YouTube.

Brat Teen Media company

Here’s what it means: Most of Brat’s revenue
comes from direct ad sales, and it could generate even greater
revenue by developing these custom campaigns for brands that wish
to advertise on its shows. 

Because they feature creators from Brat’s own social-native
shows, custom video ads have generated high watch times and
platform engagement.Embedding Brat talent into ads has proven
highly compelling to teen audiences.

For example, Brat created three 60-second ads for Mars Wrigley’s
Extra Refreshers gum featuring talent from Brat’s shows: 70% of
viewers watched the entire 60-second pre-roll ad, which ran in
front of an episode of “Chicken Girls.”

The high completion rate is likely because ads that integrate
talent from the shows can feel more organic and less interruptive.
So far, Brat has also done custom campaigns with Universal
Pictures, and its pool of clients is likely to grow fast, given its
promising initial results and brand desire to reach digital-native
Gen Zers.

The bigger picture: This strategy might be
effective for Brat because its shows are native to social
platforms, and because its primary audience is digital natives

Young people are likely to feel a closer connection with social
stars and creators than they do with traditional celebrities, who
are more distant by comparison. That’s likely due in part to the
flattening effect of social media, which has emboldened consumers
to engage more directly with social creators on platforms.

And YouTubers and other social creators will reciprocate: Unlike
traditional stars, YouTubers and other social creators will
actively engage with their audience in ways that encourage further
interaction, such as by responding to comments. More than one-third
of kids ages 6-17 consider social media stars to be among their top
role models, compared with traditional actors (22%), per

As a result, including social-native talent — like the stars
of Brat’s shows —  in custom video ads is more likely to feel
more organic and appeal more to teen viewers.

Customized talent integrations are more likely to take hold on
social platforms than SVOD/AVOD platforms.While platforms like Hulu
could theoretically replicate the approach to make ads more
engaging — particularly when ads aren’t skippable — it’s less
clear that this would generate the same audience enthusiasm. SVOD
and AVOD platforms aren’t interactive in the way social platforms
are, so ads that attempt to pull that lever may fall short.

Beyond Hulu and YouTube, strictly AVOD platforms like Tubi,
Pluto TV, and Amazon’s IMDb TV may struggle to replicate the
strategy because their services are typically heavily populated by
licensed, older content. But an outlier might be the forthcoming
mobile-first platform Quibi, which is innovating its
ad experiences to be highly compelling in their own right. Quibi is
developing high-quality video ads, some of which will follow a
serialized format, meaning ads will also tell a story.

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Teen media startup Brat is integrating talent into custom video ads (GOOGL)