'Toy Story 4' debuts first 17 minutes at CinemaCon


If you’ve ever wished that sweet family films would have more existential despair in them, Toy Story 4 may be for you. And not just because of Forky.

At Disney’s CinemaCon presentation Wednesday, producer Jonas Rivera revealed that the Pixar sequel would see Tom Hanks’ Woody “questioning everything — maybe even his own purpose.” 

The first 17 minutes of the film, screened at CinemaCon, certainly seem to bear that out. 

The film opens “nine years ago,” when Woody was still Andy’s toy. He successfully spearheads a rescue mission for a toy lost outside in the rain, but the adventure comes to a bittersweet end when he discovers that Bo Peep (Annie Potts) is being given away. Read more…

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Source: mashable
'Toy Story 4' debuts first 17 minutes at CinemaCon